Creative Happy London is an artist collective offering art and craft classes from a beautiful studio in Camberwell, South London. 

We teach techniques that require no previous experience or specialist equipment, so that it's easy for you to continue practising what you have learnt with us at home.  We believe everyone is creative at heart; join us for a workshop and take the chance to unleash your inner artist!

Anna Jackson is a printmaker whose pictures and vessels feature detailed organic shapes inspired by a personal connection with the environment - in fact, she can often be seen collecting leaves from the streets of South London regardless of the weather! Anna loves experimenting with texture and colour and enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge through teaching hands-on workshops.


Anna Jackson, Black Cactus

Gabriela Szulman is a mixed-media artist who creates collages, prints and cards inspired by memory, nostalgia and everything vintage. She is also a keen upcycler who applies her skills to transform anything from shoes to furniture with a fusion of painting and decoupage. Using re-purposed and found materials is at the core of Gabriela's work and the creative techniques she teaches. Gabriela’s spacious and welcoming studio in Camberwell is the home of Creative Happy London.


Kate Marsden (a.k.a. Made by Mrs M) is a textile designer, illustrator and blogger. Her work is inspired by the city around her as well as her travels, and her style leans towards that of the 1950s and 60s. Kate's strong, bright designs feature on fabrics, home furnishings, stationery and accessories. She also produces art prints and teaches workshops.


Kip Perdue is a self-taught paper cutting artist who has been crafting different types of paper art since 2012 and whose work focuses on personal geographies and the ways maps influence this.  He confesses to having a paper obsession and is fascinated by how pieces of paper can be transformed through the skilful use of a blade. Kip runs Kartegraphik, a bespoke paper cutting studio where he produces one-off pieces and works to commission.